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Mass Hymns


MAY 16, 2021

Entrance Hymn: Lift High The Cross

Lift high the cross, the love of Christ proclaim,
Till all the world adore His sacred name.


Led on their way by this triumphant sign,
The hosts of God in conquering ranks combine.


Each newborn servant of the Crucified
Bears on the brow the seal of Him who died.


Communion Hymn: Eye Has Not Seen

Eye has not seen, ear has not heard
What God has ready for those who love him;
Spirit of love, come, give us the mind of Jesus,
teach us the wisdom of God.

When pain and sorrow weigh us down,
be near to us, O Lord,
forgive the weakness of our faith,
and bear us up within your peaceful word.


Our lives are but a single breath,
we flower and we fade,
yet all our days are in your hands,
so we return in love what love has made.


To those who see with eyes of faith,
the Lord is ever near,
reflected in the faces
of all the poor and lowly of the world.


​Recessional Hymn: Hail The Day That Sees Him Rise


Hail the day that sees him rise, Alleluia!
To his throne beyond the skies. Alleluia!
Christ, the Lamb for sinners giv’n, Alleluia!
Enters now the highest heav’n. Alleluia!

There for him high triumph waits; Alleluia!
Lift your heads, eternal gates. Alleluia!
He has conquered death and sin; Alleluia!
Take the King of glory in. Alleluia!

​Recessional Hymn (5:30 PM Mass Only): Lead Me, Lord


Blessed are the poor in spirit,
Longing for their Lord,
For God’s coming kingdom shall be theirs.
Blessed are the sorrowing,
For they shall be consoled,
And the meek shall come to rule the world.

Lead me, Lord, lead me, Lord,
By the light of truth
To seek and to find the narrow way.
Be my way, be my truth; be my life, my Lord,
And lead me, Lord, today.

Blessed are the merciful
For mercy shall be theirs,
And the pure in heart shall see their God.
Blest are they whose hunger holiness can fill,
For I say they shall be satisfied.


Permission to reprint the music in this service obtained from

ONE LICENSE with license #A-541207. All rights reserved.

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