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Returning To Mass

Bishop Frank Dewane has announced the general dispensation of the obligation to attend Sunday Mass due to COVID-19 will be ending on May 1, 2021.

Click here to read his letter dated April 9, 2021.


The public celebration of Masses at St. Charles has resumed!

(The 7:00 AM daily Mass remains suspended until further notice.)



  • Everyone entering the Church must wear a mask. A scarf or bandana will also suffice.

  • Everyone must sanitize their hands before entering the Church. Additionally, please sanitize your hands immediately before you receive Communion and immediately afterwards.

  • You may only receive Communion passively on your hand, not on your tongue.  Please do not attempt to take the Host from the priest and do not cup your hand like a basket.  Keep your hand as flat as possible. The priest will then attempt to place the Host on your hand without touching you. While receiving Communion, please KEEP YOUR MASK ON. Once you receive the Eucharist, step a few feet to the side, pull down your mask, place Eucharist in your mouth, pull your mask back up, and return to your pew.

  • Please refrain from touching anything in the church unless it is absolutely necessary.

  • If you are sick, experiencing the slightest of symptoms, or are at greater risk of becoming seriously ill because of your age or a previous condition, or if you live with, work with, or have been exposed to anyone who fits this description, we strongly urge you to stay home and attend the online live-streamed Mass or the TV Mass.  This precaution is for your own safety as well as for that of your family, friends and fellow parishioners.

  • Please consider attending the 7:00 AM or 5:30 PM Masses on Sunday, as they are usually more lightly attended.

  • Social Distancing rules must be followed. Pews have been roped off to create space. Please do not sit close to people you do not live with.

  • The Sign of Peace will be omitted.



All other church activities are still cancelled until further notice.


Read Bishop Frank J. Dewane's letter dated May 12, 2020.

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