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As we begin the journey of Lent,

it is important for me to share some thoughts on what constitutes a meaningful Lenten season.


Everyone finds it incredibly challenging to live lives of heroic virtue 365 days a year. Most of us can live such lives in moments that are strung together, but to live it continuously usually proves to be too much for us. Lent, however, provides a set period of time whereby we can stretch those moments out over the course of six and a half weeks. Not an impossible task, but certainly a very challenging one.


Traditionally, Lent entails a threefold character of prayer, fasting and almsgiving. Living and embracing each of these characters contributes to the salvation of the world, as well as our very selves.


By living and embracing our Lenten journey, we prepare ourselves and others for the greatest event of time itself, the Resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. The more worthily we live this journey, the more fully we will share in the gift of the Resurrection on Easter Sunday.


I want to encourage all Catholics to live this journey as fully as possible. Of special mention is almsgiving, of sharing our wealth, earned with the gifts God has shared, and continues to share with us. How grateful are we for all we have? How aware are we of our blessings? Let your generosity, your almsgiving, be a reflection of your gratitude.


Specifically, I want to encourage almsgiving to the poor and marginalized through the Catholic Faith Appeal, the CFA. The monies collected are used to help the people of our area. These people are often fellow parishioners that may have greeted you at Mass. In fact, they may be praying for you at this very moment as you read this!


May God bless us all on our Lenten journeys as we walk with Jesus to the Cross and ultimately into the Resurrection.


- Fr. John Fitch

Pastor, St. Charles Borromeo Catholic Church

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